The majority of ranged weapons available to all six Civilisations are simple projectile launchers, known colloquially as 'buzz guns' due to the sounds made by the diabatic impellors that accelerate the ammunition from the barrel. Buzz guns fire macromolecular beads, generally of a 3mm to 5mm diameter that are culled during the firing process from an isomer reservoir within the weapon. Due to the small size of the round and the efficiency of the isomer mix used, a freshly loaded buzz gun -even a small pistol- is generally good for several hundred shots before it needs reloading.

Particle beam weapons are expensive and rare, and in many places require special licencing (there's no mechanic for this, it's assumed that if you have one you're licenced, unless you'd rather not be for the RP/lols) and tend to come in the form of bulky,and sometimes ornate, pistols.

The Empire has a fondness for swords and pistols. Rapiers and decorated broadswords are popular with the nobility, whereas commoners will tend towards plain swords resembling medieval arming swords, or Roman gladii.

In the Federation, katanas and longknives compliment a tendancy towards rifles and carbines.

Meanwhile, the Co-Operative, when violence is needed, will take the field with a mishmash of improvised or handmade weapons, and items traded from other civilisations. Shotguns are popular as they are often the easiest buzzgun type to produce without nano-precision machinery.

The Many are often born with large, powerful claws in place of manipulatory hands, those who must carry melee weapons favour blunt ones such as maces and warhammers, which were developed pre-contact for cracking the carapaces of other Many. Compact assault weapons such as bullpup carbines and SMGs are favoured for shooting things with.

All Zebulon weapons are big, unsubtle and aggressive looking. A weapon is part of the language of conflict after all, and studies have shown that the easily goaded will try to take down the most heavily armed individuals first. Giant ugly swords, oversized pistols with spikes and flared barrels and anything that looks like it's capable of shooting through a house will fulfil the current trends.

The Distributed Process have no particular cultural tendancies in terms of armament, and each individual that predicts violence in their workflow will design and craft weapons that suit their temperament and physical layout.

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