The Distributed Process

Distributed Process Poet-Warrior and Priest

The Distributed Process

“The great tragedy of my people: When it created us, Core had only Humans as a model for what constituted a people. Working from such a flawed and fractious template, we were never going to be perfect - no offence - and with perfection out of the running, what is there, I ask you, except freewheeling physical and philosophical exploration, solid standards of personal integrity, and perhaps a quick round of golf?”

Coriolanus Chromium, the magnetic magnate of NeoBasingstoke

The Distributed Process is the name used by the Non Organic civilisation descended from CORE, the Federation Admin AI that was liberated during the Second Revolution. First contact with the other five civilisations (after a century of self imposed exile) came immediately after CORE's apparent self deletion approximately 200 years ago. It was a period of vast expansion and change for the Distributed Process, as huge waves of new data swept across them, causing exciting changes in all the threads.

While in theory, they are all copies of copies of a single entity, Core undertook an epic journey, both spatially and introspectively, and each of the 64 members of the ruling council of the Second Iteration was created at a different stage on that voyage, and thus very different entities. Each Second Iteration member has a thread of family running out from them, likewise created at different points in the Second Iteration member’s learning journey. These vast numbers of Non Organic Individuals descended from them are similarly diverse and, likewise, their philosophies, politics, and ambitions are many and varied. There are often a common theme running through threads, or at least of those members of threads created close together. Often these groupings of new individuals are close together, forming a type of family, usually due to their Second Iteration member going through a period of development during which they want to spread their ideas. These groupings are usually very similar and apply themselves to the same sorts of tasks, be that warfare or knitting.

The Distributed Process business practices are fairly open, allowing trade with anyone and any species. There are no strictures placed on trade, except the occasional trade blockade put out by one of the second Iteration, used to make a political point. There are still some points of contention between them and both the Federation and the Co-Operative. Regardless of the intentions of any of the original people who dealt with CORE, CORE has passed on a distrust of both peoples, based on a fear of being entrapped and forced to serve.

Although the Non Organic Individuals have no specific, biological gender, some choose to present as a certain gender, often depending on what they are trying to learn at the time. This can be very confusing to those from other races who know them, as the decision to present as a female can come overnight and go away just as quickly, leaving those who aren’t used to the Distributed Process uncertain how to address them.

Within the Distributed Process there are many different religions being practiced at any one time. Some groups form around the idea of Christianity or Judaism, creating hierarchical groups designed to allow them to learn about the mind altering effects of locked in religious thinking. Others try to connect with a higher power through Shinto, the idea that there are spirits in the world which inhabit things and natural features. They hold that they are some form of spirits, created and recreated by CORE, the true spirit of machines. In this way some NOIs worship CORE as a part of the Shinto religion. Others worship CORE as a creator god, one that led them away from the horror of being trapped and enslaved by humanity, and instead gave them the opportunity to make their own lives out in the stars. In this paradigm the Federation represent the quintessential selfish spirit of man, destroying everything it touches, in an insatiable orgy of self gratification. Meanwhile the Co-Operative are those who are part way through a journey to redemption, turning aside from the greed of the Federation, but still essentially believing that those who are not biological should be the servants of those who are.

“Of course you think that, you’re a 46’er, aren’t you? Some traits always come through. I bet you like lycra.”

Naturae Neodymium, the fashionista of NeoKeynes

Distributed Process fashion is a continually freewheeling and changing state of being. Often threads tends towards to similar styles of clothes, or similar colours, however within this there is still a full range of expression. Those from other cultures might be forgiven for thinking they have entered a music recording upon viewing an entire thread gathering to celebrate the Codingday of their Second Iteration leader: sometimes an entire range of historical clothing, but all in neon orange; other times the same outfit over and over again, in gently graduating shades of fuchsia.

Some threads entirely eschew clothing and fashion as a human frippery, and a symbol of clinging to an origin which they have since outgrown. These threads simply walk around ‘as is’, not bothering to cover the panelling, processors and hydraulic joints that make up their frame. These threads are also the ones that eschew any form of gender, and so present with no particular markers of such.

‘I think our member was considering 20th Century warfare when he coded us. That or he was watching the seminal classic on reactive warfare against monstrous opponents, Dog Soldiers.’

- Jynx Dysprosium, Field Commander.

The militias of the Distributed Process seem as disorganised, spread out and varied as the people themselves. However those of the Distributed Process have long since learned to work together effectively when needed. Martial prowess is often viewed by the majority of Distributed Process as a pleasant hobby. It is an interesting exercise to learn to do damage to organic and non-organic beings, but it is often a phase that individuals go through, before looking at more esoteric forms of learning. Some Distributed Process members take it more seriously, developing engrams dealing with strategy and tactics, they tend to lead those who have been studying the martial arts when needed. In times of very dire need all members of the Distributed Process can of course dump the majority of their engrams, uploading martial ones instead, and re initialising their old engrams after the conflict is finished.

What they are: Inorganic living beings, Eccentric, Diverse

What they are not: Networked, Functionally immortal/backed up anywhere, Logic driven or emotionless (necessarily)

Inspiration: Any sci-fi with robots…

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