All player characters must wear a physrep of an emitter or set of emitters for a fieldsuit at all times while IC and outside a sealed tent. Any character oytside a sealed tent without a fieldsuit physrep must begin their deathcount regardless of how many damage points they still have. They can move freely but cannot be stabilised without the addition of a fieldsuit, or getting sealed into a tent. The minimum physrep for a fieldsuit is a small box sttached to a belt or a strap.

Any melee weapon must be physrepped with an appropriate larp safe weapon that has been safety checked and approved by a Ref.

Any ranged weapon must be physrepped with an appropriately sized and shaped object resembling a futuristic or alien weapon. Airsoft and replica weapons realistically resembling real world firearms are not appropriate.


Players whose characters belong to the Zebulon species must have at minimum all visible skin green, and should represent scales if at all possible. Please bear in mind that Zebulons without pronounced scales are lowlanders, or 'silkies', and are looked down on by the rest of Zebulon society.

Players whose characters belong to the Many species must use makeup or prosthetics such that their faces resemble those of insects or other arthropods. They should disguise any other visible skin, such as hands, in a similar fashion if at all possible. They must also carry an object to represent a translation device when talking to other species.

Players whose characters are members of the Distributed Process must be visibly inorganic, and, excepting the eyes, should not have any organic parts showing if at all possible.

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