The Pioneer Initiative is the name of the agreement brokered on the surface of Reddeluto by the six spacefaring Civilisations after the orbital standoff was resolved.

In a neutral encampment under the watchful eyes of the orbiting warships, the six commanders (or nearest equivalents) of the fleets - approved as representatives of their respective Civilisations - hashed out a deal they could all more or less agree upon.

The pioneer initiative charter outlines the following major points.

  • The deployment of watch stations in orbit around the planet, with a primary station housing a delegation from each member Civilisation. To act as mediators to any exploration disputes and mutual hostages to keep hostilities from breaking out. Each Civilisation has a single delegate with a support staff of a reasonable size.
  • The surface of Reddeluto to be divided into sectors, to be monitored by said watch stations.
  • All existing data regarding the location and density of useable mineral resources on Reddeluto to be deleted, to provide a more level field for the prospecting teams.
  • A patrol and defence force consisting of 3 battleships and 10 destroyers of comparable capabilities supplied by each of the member Civilisations.
  • The interdiction of any unauthorised landing attempts by any vessels to the surface of Reddeluto.
  • Only one sector will be opened for prospecting at any time, for a period of two axial rotations, after which claims staked by ground teams will be automatically mined with mobile expert-system excavation and refinement facilities
  • A designated landing and camp zone within the opened sector to be serviced by Initiative provisioned shuttles will be the only permitted access point to the surface
  • Acts of violence and larceny within said designated zone will not be tolerated.
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