Fieldsuits are a ubiquitous technology in inhabited space. All three space-faring biological species use them when on worlds outside their environmental sweet spots. Even the Distributed Process find them useful for keeping oxidising or corrosive atmospheric elements at bay. Older suit styles, using protective materials to retain atmosphere and radiation proofing are not only vastly less effective and practical, but their use when visiting other cultures is considered deeply impolite.

Fieldsuits are generally worn as an emitter or several emitters on a belt or strap over clothing.

They provide radiation and fluid filtering through diabatic and gravitic picopulse synchronisation, and a strong gravitic barrier against fast moving objects, designed to prevent injury from micrometeorites and the like. The strong gravitic barrier is controlled by a passive sensor array which intelligently hardens a small portion of the field to meet the projectile, generally requiring about 20 meters at supersonic speeds to pick up the object, plot its trajectory and deflect it with the minimum of power wastage.

For objects starting their movement within 20 meters the suit can harden in its entirety on impact to save processing time choosing the correct spot, but this uses huge amounts of energy, so most suits have space for auxiliary capacitors, often called combat capacitors, which are single use full field effect power sources which can be swapped in the field and recharged at a later time.

Fieldsuits are calibrated not to interfere with objects moving with quantities of energy within the abilities of standard sapient muscle strength. This is because of several fatal accidents involving chairs during their early development on Earth.

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