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The next event, PIONEERS: The Ulysses Protocol: “Activation” will take place at Silverwood Scout Camp in South Yorkshire, on the weekend of 18th - 20th October 2019.

Booking forms are available here:

Player booking: https://goo.gl/gxdkLt

Crew booking: https://goo.gl/Ma88d9

The price of the event for players is £60 until the 1st June 2019; thereafter £65 until the 1st September 2019; thereafter £70. For more details please see the event page (to follow soon!).

The Ulysses Protocol: "Activation"

The story so far…

The great civilisations of the known galaxy - the Old Earth Empire, the Federation of Humanity, the Cooperative, the insectoid Many, the reptilian Zebulon, and the mechanical Distributed Process, were forced into a loose alliance - the Pioneer Initiative - in order to avoid all-out war over the discovery of the resource-rich planet Reddeluto and its vast wealth of Ardanium, the rare mineral that makes interstellar travel possible.

This alliance was brought yet closer together when the Pioneers learned of an approaching deadly threat to all civilisation: a great world-devouring, Ardanium-hungry Entity, worshipped by the bear-like Javrim as a god, was drawing close to Reddeluto, and threatened to consume it - and after that, many other inhabited worlds lay in its path…

Working together, the scientists and military leaders of the Pioneer Initiative developed a vast, spaceborne weapon - the Gradient Cannon, essentially a huge Ardanium-powered gravitational rail-gun - to use as a last-ditch attempt to destroy the Entity, if no other means of stopping it could be found.

With no opportunity to test-fire the weapon before it became necessary to use it against its target, the live broadcast of the weapon's activation was a moment where all civilisations held their breath and hoped that its engineers had got their calculations and designs right first time.

Fortunately, the Gradient Cannon was fired successfully - its massive superluminal projectile shattered the Entity and saved Reddeluto and all civilisation - but there was an unexpected side effect.

The gradient generated was so large as to capture Pioneer Treaty Station, and every ship in the fleet in orbit of Reddeluto, aboard which were all members of the Pioneer Initiative themselves - and fling them an unknown distance into unexplored space on the far side of the galaxy.

After an initial period of disorientation and disaster recovery, the now stranded Fleet has managed to get itself back on its feet and into some semblance of order.

The Pioneers, now even more worthy of the name, are beginning to prepare themselves for a new period of nomadic existence in an unknown sector of the galaxy, inhabited by unfamiliar, entirely new forms of life. What will they discover on the strange new worlds that now await them? Can they locate the resources that they will need to survive and sustain the Fleet and its inhabitants? Will they ever be able to find their way home…?

Welcome to PIONEERS, Season 2: The Ulysses Protocol!

Past events

The crisis on the planet Reddeluto intensifies. The unknown entity, the Javrim 'God', that appears to feed upon time itself, approaches ever closer, seemingly intent upon feasting on the rare and valuable mineral Ardanium, with which this world is so unusually rich.

Even as its harbingers, the “blue angels”, the enzymes that digest time, have already arrived, and an intense wave of tachyon radiation sweeps across the surface of the planet, stripping it of life, the great civilisations of the galaxy, loosely united under the banner of the Pioneer Initiative, will not give up this critically-important world so easily.

Withdrawing to the as-yet unexplored continent on the furthest side of the planet from the approaching wave of destruction, the representatives of the Co-Operative, the Federation, the Earth Empire, the Zebulon, the Many and the Distributed Process intend to mine this world for its vital resources until the last possible moment.

Meanwhile, their scientists and military leaders race to find a way to somehow deflect, defeat or destroy the advancing entity - for if its path is not stopped here, who knows how many of their worlds it may continue onward to devour next?

“Pioneers: Sector 6” will take place at Silverwood Scout Camp in South Yorkshire, on the weekend of 3rd - 5th August 2018.

Booking forms are available here:

Player booking: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1j_9_X0xO13nuKd7CrNsDtpga6OaAel61_QaLHBjMZLk/

Crew booking: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1tP402rj0XXvARXNt9aZwchaot91o9xo--VUaUsHlc4U/

The player ticket price for the event is £50 if you pay on or before the 3rd July 2018, and £65 thereafter. This is payable by PayPal only. Once you have completed this booking form you will within a few days receive an invoice from the Pioneers LRP PayPal account. If you have any issue with paying the ticket price as an advance lump sum, and would prefer to pay in installments or by another means, please contact pioneerslarp@gmail.com to make alternative arrangements which we will do our best to accommodate.

The event is free to crew. Please come crew! We like crew, and if you haven't attended a Pioneers event before, but would like to, this would be an excellent way to get involved.

This price does not include catering, which will be an optional extra. Further details on catering will be provided at a later date.

The site provides indoor sleeping in bunks for 42 people - if attendee numbers exceed this then beds will be allocated first to those who need them - please indicate on your booking form if this is the case. IC and OC camping areas will also be provided for attendees over and above this number, or who prefer to camp in any case.

If you have any questions about booking, the event, or the game, please contact pioneerslarp@gmail.com.

Additional useful links:

Pioneers LARP main website: http://pioneers.chaosdeathfish.com/ Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PioneeersLarp/ Silverwood Scout Camp website: http://www.silverwoodcamp.org.uk/

Sector 5.

The prospecting of Sector 5 will be taking place on the 7th to 9th of April 2017 at Birch Hall near Scarborough.

Time in will be at 20.00 on Friday the 7th of April.

Time out will be 13.00 Sunday the 9th of April.

The periods between 01.00 and 09.00 on Saturday and Sunday mornings will be Time-ish with no Ref availabilty.

Ticket costs (uncatered)

The event will be £45 for tickets paid in full on or before the 1st of March 2015, then £55 for payment in full on or before the 1st of April, and £65 thereafter. If you wish to pay on the door the fee will be £65 but we must have notification of your arrival.

To book, Just fill in the form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aMNEeFCXs1a6Q6VfyWr9rQptwchS9WXCBKa0aepJCNk/viewform, we will confirm your place and send through details for payment.

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