The central theme of the game is the claiming of the resources on the surface of the planet. With the ratification and enforcement of the Pioneer Treaty, all orbital scans of Reddeluto have been deleted, and the prospectors will have to locate the minerals required by their factions on foot, or trade for them at the Mining Commission Office.

Finding the resources will be done with the use of specially tuned scanners provided by the Commission. These will be physrepped with GPS devices that have been programmed to guide the players to certain locations on the site. Each faction will be allocated use of a scanner for a set time twice per event, and characters will have the opportunity to bid for bonus uses at occasional auctions.

Some characters may well not be interested in gathering material riches, but instead have obtained their places in the Initiative for the sake of Science. Many objects throughout the site will have colour coded envelopes attached, only a character with the appropriate skill and equipment will be able to access the information contained within. This may be data that has been demanded by their faction, or information that is useful in unravelling one of the many plotlines of varying scales which will be available for PCs to discover, exploit, survive or suffer through!

Finally, the terms of the treaty prohibit acts of violence and larceny *within the monitored zone of the camp*.

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