In the Earth Empire, there is a strong tradition of satirical music hall songs and routines, mostly highlighting class differences. Gentle mockery and witty wordplay over simple, jaunty melody is the order of the day.

The Federation has several powerful entertainment corporations that go to great lengths to define what sort of music is currently popular, and then produce it in vast quantities. Electropop instrumentation and close harmony vocals are fairly constant.

The CoOperative has fallen back onto the various acoustic folk traditions of Old Earth, especially the more explicitly left-wing polemical styles of late Second Millenium CE west Yrasie.

The Many favour mournful a capella solo vocal pieces with wandering melodies, accompanied with vocal clicks from the audience providing rhythm. Interestingly this is known as 'queensong' whatever the year happens to be.

In Zebulon universities, poetry slam nights are the primary source of communal entertainment outside masked wrestling and Lizardball.

Often, NOIs of the Distributed Process develop a taste for some form of music, sometimes they like to perform it too.

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