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Anyone may apply pressure to the wounds of a critically injured person with their hands. Both hands must be used for this and large claws or integrated weapons make it impossible. While pressure is applied, the deathcount is paused.

A player with the stabilise skill for the appropriate species can change a character from critical to stable with 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay with a medical kit.

The deathcount is not paused while a character is being stabilised, only when the process is complete.

A character may not stabilise and apply pressure to wounds at the same time.

Another character may continue to apply pressure while the medically skilled character stabilises the patient.

A character with the treatment skill for the appropriate species may return damage points to any character who is not critically injured (they must be stabilised first) at a rate of one per minute of appropriate roleplay with a medical kit, up to the patient’s normal maximum.

If a character who is stabilised but has not been healed and is still on zero hits is attacked, they begin a 20 second death count.


A character with the Autometrist skill and an engineering kit may restore one damage point to an NOI with 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay.

If the patient was crashed they will reboot as soon as the first damage point is restored and become functional again with all their remaining engrams in place.

While repairs are underway, the deathcount is paused no further engrams will be lost.

A character with the Metaware Engineer skill may restore an engram with one minute of appropriate roleplay and an engineering kit.


A fieldsuit will regain full charge after ten minutes of taking no damage.

Replacing a combat capacitor with the Capacitor Swap or Capacitor Hotswap skills will restore full sheilds even under fire.

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