Once an organic person reaches zero damage points, they are critically injured (or critical), and fall to the floor, unconscious.

A person who is critically injured is on their death count.

Most characters have a death count of 300 seconds, you must count down - preferably silently - from this number until you reach zero, or are interacted with by another player.

When critically injured, you are unconscious. You may not move, talk or take any IC action. You may speak OC to tell a player using medical skills how long you have left on your death count or with a player who is looting you.

Any physical interaction with a critically injured character, with the sole exceptions of applying pressure to their wounds or using a medical skill on them will immediately drop their deathcount to 20 seconds (unless it was already below that figure). This allows for executions, and also means that it is really really dangerous to move your critically injured mates without a medical professional on hand!

Once your death count reaches zero, you are dead, you may choose to physrep your corpse for a time, or return to the ref tent to generate a new character. Corpses that are not discovered in a reasonable time, and anything they are carrying or wearing, will be destroyed by a combination of exposure to the atmosphere and the appetites of the local wildlife.

Non Organics

When a Distributed Process NOI is reduced to zero, instead of being critical, they are crashed.

In this state, they can be moved safely, but can be executed by a character with the Metaware Engineer skill.

A crashed NOI may move unaided, but no faster than 1 metre in 5 seconds

They may give yes or no answers to direct questions.

While crashed, they lose 1 engram per 100 seconds, Highest numbered slot first. When their last engram is deleted, they will die.

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