Drugs of various types can be made by Biochemists in downtime. Most of the chemicals popular with Humans, Many, and Zebulon have practical uses that recommend their use in the field, although some are illegal under the laws of the various Civs (and therefore cannot be produced by biochemists hailing from those Civs) and some are purely recreational.

Each substance has a high which lasts 30 minutes, a comedown which lasts 30 minutes, and withdrawl symptoms, each consisting of system and roleplay effects. In addition, each has a batch size, which is the number of doses a biochemist can create with one downtime point, and a threshold for addiction, where once reached, the user is subject the withdrawl symptoms until they have either taken another dose, or spent an entire event 'cold turkey' or a downtime point in rehab.

Any effect that would push a skill off the top of the existing branch is wasted.

None of these chemicals affect Non Organic Individuals.

NameHighComedownWithdrawlAddict thresholdBatch sizeBanned in
ClampIncreases the user's level in the 'Duellist' skill one step. Causes mild paranoia and peripheral vision hallucinations.Causes arm and hand muscles to seize up, preventing use of any handheld equipment or weapons.Cannot use the duellist skill at all.45Earth Empire
ZoomIncreases the user's level in the 'Reflexes' skill one step. Causes brief periods of euphoria and overreactions to emotional or physical stimuli.Lethargy (Player must count silently to 2 before reacting to any but the most life-threatening of stimuli). Cannot use the reflexes skill at all.45Federation of Humanity, Collegiate Assembly of the Tribe of Zebulon
HazeImmediate full recharge of Neuroexternal pool, subsequent recharge by interaction takes 1 minute (Empathic only). Causes pacifistic tendancies, mild euphoria, and inexplicable romantic feelings towards the most inappropriate subjects at the worst possible moments. Causes feelings of callousness and irritability, interspersed with crying jags. Cannot recharge Neuroexternal pool by interaction.33Many during Throne, Overthrow and Might
RipImmediate full recharge of Neuroexternal pool, subsequent recharge by interaction takes 1 minute (Aggressive only). Causes ultra competitive attitudes and irrational envious feelings.Causes feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.Cannot recharge Neuroexternal pool by interaction.33Collegiate Assembly of the Tribe of Zebulon
SteelImmunity to fear effects of any kind, all damage taken counts as 'single' (after armour). Causes feelings of aggression, invincibility, total self reliance.If any damage at all was taken whilst high, immediatly drop to zero damage points and enter critical state. Causes sleepiness and light sensitive headaches.-2 max Damage points, fear of confrontation/violence.22Federation of Humanity, Collegiate Assembly of the Tribe of Zebulon
FloorCauses mild hallucinations, euphoria, lowered inhibitions. You may choose to ignore one aggressive Neuroexternal call targeted at you.Causes sleepiness and irritabilityCauses sleeplessness and melancholy.55
Hype Causes mild euphoria, a sense of detatchment and peace, and a complete inability to take anyone else's issues seriously. You may choose to ignore one empathic Neuroexternal call targeted at you.Causes paranoia, guilt and crying jags.Prevents the use of Neuroexternal abilities.53Many (also generally looked down on in Co-Operative).
BluntGrants complete immunity to all Neuroexternal abilities.Causes mild drowsiness.Causes the user to be completely incapable of forming coherent spoken or written words.Causes the user to take the full effect of any Neuroexternal vocal heard, even if not directed at the user.11
OpithelamilInstant restoration of all damage points upon use. Causes mild euphoria.Double all damage taken (after armour).Headache, fear of conflict/violence.35
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