(A collection of stories and headlines from news services operating across local space.)

RE:solution Enters 12th season.

Popular action series RE:solution, starring the Federation's heartthrob, Damian Bright as unstoppable executive troubleshooter Shinji Voisiner has been renewed for a twelfth 30 episode run of taking down the Toffs, Commies and Alien Scum threatening freedom and profit.


DeccaCorp Admit Top Egghead Missing

Dr Hector Trasc, the scientist credited with the groundbreaking work in gravitic physics that opened up dozens of previously inaccessible systems across local space and allowed the 'inspansion' to take place, has not made contact with his employers for nearly two years, his supervisor was forced to admit to a Federal Investigation Board this week. Research Director Maya Gouhan refused to comment on rumours that an Asset Retention team tasked with locating him have also vanished.


Zebulon Religious Outreach Centre Opens On Earth

The building, in Kyoto, Eastern Yrasie, has been complete and fully staffed for six months, but today opened to the public for the first time. Sources say the stated mission, to promote religious understanding between the Faiths, and the so-called Church of the Divine Rescue, seems to be at odds with the sarcasm and barely contained, inexplicable mirth of the Docents.


Many Re-Ratify Reddeluto Treaty

After withdrawing from the intercivilisational accord regarding mining on the neutral planet Reddeluto last year, in protest over the destruction of their automining equipment in a still-unsolved terrorist attack, the Many have rejoined the joint project, allaying fears among some analysts that they could attempt unilateral mining efforts.


Sikarra Spice Stocks Plummet

Culinary mainstays House Thyestides have suffered moderate financial damage over the last few years due to an increase in imports of foreign delicacies such as Zebulon Sweetspice. The crisis has seen several subsidiary businesses bankrupted and a significant decrease in the quality of their masquerades and banquets. The family have now pinned their hopes on their extreme good fortune in being awarded a portion of the Imperial Charter for mining on Reddeluto, having been selected over longstanding rivals House Tepesputin.


Sports And Theatrical Entertainments In The Borderlands

By Imperial decree, dozens of new sports arenas and theatres have been opened on colony worlds along the Inviolate Partition separating the Earth Empire from the Federation. Citizens are unexpectedly benefitting from reasonably priced tickets to a wide variety of live entertainments.


Co-Operative Expanding

Brave souls out on the frontier report that an influx of materials from Reddeluto have allowed for new combines and kibbutzes to be established in a zone agreed by negotiation with the Distributed Process.


Families Of Mining Commission Security Fleet Crews Protest Comms Blackout

The families of several Security Studies majors who are assigned to the Ships seconded to the orbital security fleet for Reddeluto have raised complaints that they have had no word from, or even of, the assigned personnel for some months. A number of them have contacted acquaintances in the Distributed process, only to find that the threads of the NOIs assigned to the fleet have also been unable to contact their crewmembers or autonomous ships. The Mining commission have not responded to requests for comment at time of publication.

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