Primary Resources

When a faction is given use of a Mining Commission scanner, they have one hour to find the mineral deposits that it has been calibrated to detect. Once a seam has been located, they will collect a sample from where the minerals are visible from the surface.

This sample will have a small value and can be used for crafting, it will not count towards the faction total, but scans of the area performed by someone with a standard mineralogical scanner and appropriate skill will allow the Mining Commission to estimate the value of the whole deposit.

The five valuable resources in Reddeluto (Ardanium, Mjolnarites, Heliospheres, Diabatic Catalysts and Protean Isomers) are represented by blue laminated 'chits'. They are in-character items; each high value chit includes a security key that grants access to a silo or set of autominers that provide a yield of resources equal to the value on the chit. A low value chit is good for exchange for materials directly in the Mining Commission building. Chits can be traded or stolen - for the purposes of security protocols, possession is ten tenths of the law.


Equipment in the game is represented by laminated cards (lammies). On the lammie is the name of the item, and any rules associated with them.

The lammie must be carried along with an appropriate physrep of an item for either to have any effect. They do not have to be attached, but must be transferred along with the item if put down or passed to another player. Lammies do not exist in-character, but you can read a lammie to represent inspecting the item.


When stealing or looting an item from a player character, you should take the lammie with its attached physrep. This should then be brought to the ref desk to remove the lammie within thirty minutes; the physrep will be kept at the ref desk for the other player to pick up.

When looting a non-player character, please take the lammie but not the physrep. You must find a suitable physrep to associate the lammie with before it can be used.

Some non-player characters will have 'Primitive Weapon' lammies. These are old model buzzguns that can only call SINGLE. They cannot be salvaged for useful materials, and there is little point in looting them.

No character may carry more than five weapon lammies, physrepped or not.


A character with the Armourer or Technician skill (or a Universal Assembly engram) can create items by bringing AMUs of resources to the ref desk. After handing over the AMU chits (and possible delay while we print), they will be given the appropriate item.

Items that require Armourer

Melee Weapon 1 Mjolnarite, 1 Protean Isomers
Pistol 1 Mjolnarite, 1 Diabatic Catalysts
Infantry Weapon 2 Mjolnarite, 2 Diabatic Catalysts
Support Weapon 2 Mjolnarite, 4 Diabatic Catalysts
Shotgun 1 Mjolnarite, 3 Diabatic Catalysts
Protective Vest 1 Mjolnarite, 1 Protean Isomers
Explorer Kit 1 Mjolnarite, 2 Protean Isomers
Enforcer Rig 1 Mjolnarite, 3 Protean Isomers
Body Armour 2 Mjolnarite, 1 Protean Isomers
Duelling Bracers 2 Mjolnarite, 1 Protean Isomers
Combat Gear 4 Mjolnarite, 1 Protean Isomers
Hardsuit 5 Mjolnarite, 2 Protean Isomers

Items that require Technician

Medical kit 2 Heliospheres, 1 Protean Isomers
Engineering kit 1 Mjolnarite, 2 Heliospheres
Mineralogical scanner 3 Heliospheres
Biometric scanner 3 Heliospheres
Radiological scanner 3 Heliospheres
Combat capacitor 1 Heliospheres, 1 Diabatic Catalysts


If you have the Scavenger skill, you can return an item to the ref desk for salvaging. It will yield one AMU for every three AMUs used in its creation, or two AMUs for every three if you have the Salvage Tech skill or Universal Disassembly engram.

The resources provided will be determined at random from those used in the item's creation. The remainder will be lost. It is possible to bulk-salvage items to do so more efficiently.

Example: A pistol has an AMU cost of two. If salvaged by someone with the Scavenger skill, it would yield less than one (2/3) AMU, so it would be worthless. However, if three pistols were scavenged together, their total AMU cost would be six. It would yield (6/3) two AMUs.


Some cutting-edge technology is only possible if you have access to a blueprint. This is a blue lammie that will detail what it creates, what resources are needed to create it, and what skills are necessary. To craft an item from a blueprint, go to the ref desk with the resources required, and show them the blueprint lammy. If you do not personally have all the skills required, you can 'collaborate' on the item by bringing a person who does with you.

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