Scanners and Basic Science

The basic science game in pioneers revolves around the use of scanners.

With the appropriate skill, and the appropriate scanner, a player may treat spotting an envelope or paper slip of the appropriate colour (Blue for Mineralogical, Green for Biometric, Red for Radiological) attached to any object in the game as having received a 'ping' on their scanner from that object.

On approaching the object and roleplaying scanning it with the correct scanner and interpreting the results (this takes either 30 or 5 seconds depending on skill level), they may then open the envelope or slip and receive information about that object.

Advanced Science in the Field

If you wish to learn more than a cursory scan can reveal, or to attempt any kind of experimental procedure, you will need to:

-Find a ref.

-Give the ref a brief outline of what you are attempting, what skill(s) and item(s) you will employ (more than one character may employ their skills and equipment on a single project).

-Begin roleplaying your work (if possible, you really should find an IC excuse to explain your procedures as you go).

A combination of factors will decide the results. In the interest of fairness and full disclosure, these factors will be the following:

-The balance of the difficulty and complexity of the intended outcome vs. the skills, skill levels, and equipment applied.

-The actual procedures used/described (in terms of reliability/risk etc).

-The quality of the science roleplay and technobabble deployed. IE. Is it “Star-Trek-convincing”?

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