Federation of Humanity

Federation Issue Resolution Lieutenant and Data Analyst

On-boarding your colony into the Federation allows you to leverage the promise of strong leadership, strong defence and a strong portfolio of investment in your people. Your colony has never had it so good

- Cameron Slyte, VP Mergers and Acquisitions at Morgan and Mieville.

The Federation of Humanity was formed during the tumultuous time of the Rebellion. Imperial forces realised that if they tried to hold the whole Empire they would lose the whole Empire. However if they only held half they would make themselves unassailable. The other half of what was then the entire territory of the Human race formed a democratic, egalitarian society. This glorious democracy lasted almost an entire generation before becoming even more oppressive than the Empire at its worst. Now almost completely owned and managed by a handful of all-powerful corporations, the Federation is the most dynamic, ambitious and cutthroat society the Human species has ever produced.

Although the Federation is ostensibly governed by a centralised body, the majority of power and wealth is held by vast megacorporations. These business groups act almost entirely outside of governmental control, and hold such sway within government ranks that, to all intents and purpose, they are the governing body. Although to outsiders the Federation may appear a relaxed a liberal structure, the corporations who hold sway are often reactionary and totalitarian. However within the structures advancement is a definite opportunity, and one based on competence, rather than family. The genders are treated equally too, with no expectations of specific behaviour from either, other than total loyalty to the Federation.

Although the original founders of the Federation brought human religion with them it has been, little by little, removed from their new society. It is now an offence, punishable by death, to practice any religion. This has been done in the name of tolerance and love. The majority of Earth religions had too many points on which they could not agree, causing massive internal ructions and prejudices. Unless the religious groups could agree to get on, the Federation decided, then there would be no more religion. There are, of course, occasional rumours of underground Buddhist cults and Shinto shrines, but nothing is ever seen.

The Federation’s firm control also extends to those who exhibit neuro-external talents. They have been banned in order to prevent unrest and witch hunts amongst the populace. Instead any who develop neuro-external talents simply disappear. No-one knows to where. Some people believe that they flee into the underbellies of the great cities to hide with others of their kind; while others speak of corp training camps and mind-readers formed into a secret police.

While the Federation has made as close to peace as it can manage with its old family, it still holds grudges towards the Earth Empire. These often come out in the form of mining holds and trade embargos; and whenever Empire mining equipment is sabotaged or damaged, the Federation are always the first to come under suspicion. Likewise their relationship with the Co-Operative is frosty, as the Federation view them as traitors and splitters. The free market economy of the Distributed Process, however, holds great appeal to the Federation, and they regularly make preferable trade deals with them.

Never before has fashion been more affordable, or supportive, with the all new Laeger range of clothing. Wear your loyalty to us on your sleeve.

- Laeger Workwear Advertisement

Federation fashion is both a call back to the conservative tendencies of the corporations, and sop to their image. Clothing lines are smart and clean, flattering the body while remaining unfussy. Both sexes wear tailored suits, or form fitting armoured body stockings. Clothing within the Federation rarely hampers movement, except for the upper echelons of the Corporations, who are happy to show they need do very little manual work.

Basic overall colour is dark or muted, acting as a background for customisation. Interest and individuality are added by flashes or blazes of colour. Neons are very popular, as are synthetics which glow in darkness, or under blacklights. More recently some temperature reactive substances have begun to be included, as well as electronic components. LEDs and el wire, or sheets, have rapidly increased in popularity, as they allow more options for moving displays.

Wealth is shown by the range of colours, lighting and newness of clothes. Those on the lower end of the salary line tend to wear old ranges, outmoded logos and duller shades. They often incorporate practical aspect into their clothes, such as knee and elbow pads, to protect them at menial tasks. Those who have money to spare and wish to advertise that always sport the most up to date lines, and whatever new scientific breakthrough allows stranger designs to be added to their clothes. Sometimes these modifications even hamper movement, proving that the wearer doesn’t need to perform their own physical tasks.

A position in our Issue Resolution Department can open up a lifetime of travel, interesting new people and opportunites galore! Would you like to know more?

- Koshiro Recruitment Department

Almost all of the military power within the Federation belongs to the Corps, as the only ones with enough resources to maintain standing armies. Of course they refer to them as their Issue Resolution Departments and Resources. The government itself has a small peacekeeping force but, like so much within the Federation, it is also arranged along corporate structure lines. Gaining a place within a corp’s IR is tough, and grants a prestigious position, as IR members gain access to whatever training they need to do their jobs. Anyone who joins signs up to a minimum ten year contract, with massive financial penalties if they try to leave early or defect.

Medical benefits are excellent, as the corps want their resources to be at their best. These benefits extend to the resources’ close families, and for many from the lower end of the social strata it is a way out of poverty, and ensuring their nearest and dearest are cared for.

What they are: Corporate, Competitive, Solution and reward oriented

What they are not: Nazis, Space Nazis, Comedy Nazis

Inspiration: Wall Street, Alien/Aliens/Prometheus, Syndicate

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