All the civilisations have their own styles and conventions for ship naming.

The Earth Empire tend to favour the same kinds of names that had been popular in the pre-spaceflight wet-navies of Earth.
HMS Surprise!
HMS Copenhagen
Emperor Samuel III

The Federation government no longer maintains any official military, so warships (Extra Orbital Issue Resolution Assets) are as tied in with the corporate nomenclature of their operating corporation as civilian craft are.
Some corporations simply classify and number their ships:
DeccaCorp Extra Orbital Issue Resolution Asset (Heavy) 154
Whereas others outsource their shipbuilding to the Distributed Process or the Many and will often keep the names the shipyards assign.

The Co-Operative will, of course, call their ships anything.
Two Short Plancks
Me Van
Jimmy's Rig

The Many tend towards very literal and descriptive names, some of which don't translate all that well. Examples:
Large Hulled Combat Craft Fifty Eight
Long Range Waste Transport from Tzoklian
Safe Travels Friends Totally Non Military Transport Craft For Civilian Travellers Only

Zebulon ships, especially War Studies projects, tend towards the passive aggressive or actively offensive. Examples:
Your Progenitor's Face
Surprise Motherfuckers!
Come Here And Say That
Well, That Was 'Enlightening'
You And What Faculty?

And in the Distributed Process, poetry, whimsy, and cultural references are the norm.
Warship Class: Burdened With Glorious Purpose
Explorer Class: Interpolative Entropic Instance
Trade Class: Leaf On The Wind

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