1. Choose the faction for your character
  2. Depending on whether they are Distributed Process or one of the organic races will effect how their “skills” work, see the relevant section below
  3. Use the form below to create your character.
  4. Enter your starting equipment from the equipment list.

The prices of skills are shown on the form.

Skill Effects

Organic Characters


The first thing you must pick is your characters affinity: Logic, Aggressive Neuro External, or Empathic Neuro External

Logic Characters can buy advanced logic or medicine skills, but can never buy any neuro external skills.

Neuro external characters can buy the relevant neuro external skills, but never skills from the other neuro eternal branch, or any skills from advanced logic or medicine.

This is chosen at character creation and cannot be changed.

All organic characters can buy skills from the “universal skills” section.

There is currently a bug in the google form where it shows medicine skills to neuro external characters. Please ignore these, we working on it.

The way this manefests on the google sheet is the “are you a neuro external” checkmark. If you select “yes” then you must select your discipline (Aggressive/empathic), if you select “no” then you have logic affinity.


You have six points with which to obtain skills for your character.

The form will not stop you from using more than six points, so please take care to ensure you don't use more.

Distributed Process Characters

If you are playing in the Distributed Process, rather than buying skills, you have ‘Capacity’ to install four engrams during character creation (The form will not stop you adding more, so please take care not to add more than four)

Engrams largely mirror skills

Each engram also has an associated roleplaying effect that will influence your characterisation

Any unchosen engrams are left as spare Capacity, which can be filled later

Distributed Process Engrams

Engrams are 'design philosophies' adopted by different branches of the Distributed Process. They reflect how an NOI's hardware and software combine to give them complementary abilities and outlooks.


You must pick one engram as your Primary Engram

Your engrams must be in a set order, with the Primary Engram first

When crashed, you will lose your last engram first, then the previous one, etc

Your Primary Engram is the last engram you will lose after sustaining damage

If you lose your primary engram, you are dead

You may not remove or change your Primary Engram during downtime



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