Other Resources

While Ardanium is the primary goal, a variety of other resources can be located and exploited on Reddeluto and all of them are invaluable to any civilisation using current technology.

They fall into four catagories.

Mjolnarites: These metallic alloys form a near-inextricably dense and stable atomic lattice. Appropriately applied (a process referred to as ‘mjolnarisation’), mjolnarites massively increase the durance of any substance they are added to. They are mostly used in conventional arms and armour.

Heliospheres: The dynamic refractive properties of these quirky crystalline growths make them absolutely essential if you intend to do anything really interesting with photonic circuitry. They are usually used in scanning equipment, shields, and energy weaponry.

Diabatic catalysts: The suggestion that you may wish to use simple explosive chemical reactions to power your vehicles and weaponry is very much outdated. Diabatic catalysts are versatile, extremely efficient and staggeringly volatile inorganic oils. They typically find applications in weaponry and shields.

Protean isomers: Replicating nanobots have a checkered history and an unquestionably illegal status across the known galaxy. Fortunately, a suitable (and legal!) substitute was found in the form of protean isomers. These thick, atomically unstable oils can be reconfigured and used as building blocks to construct a bewildering array of different substances and structures. They are often found in flexible armour and medical equipment.

All resources are measured in Arbitrated Mass Units (AMUs, pronounced ‘ay-mews’), which is a very useful and versatile system that is obviously far too mathematically complex to detail here

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